Bauer Saint


Local musician. Inner Sunflower Worshipper. Housing support worker. Great trousers. Great hair.
I like curries, guitars, drums, sunny days, my dog Hendrix and ska music. In fact I think I love all of those things.
Also, I’ve been a housing support worker now for 6 years and I love it too, love it. Helping people is The Way Forward…which led me here.
I am always overwhelmed by how much support we get and I hope that we continue to inspire people to get involved so they too can have some of that Winning Helping Feeling. It’s brilliant, isn’t it?
Thanks for reading this and once again for being part of the Gimme Shelter Family – with your help we will only go from strength to strength.
See you at the events!



..From 'The Surfin Birds'.


Christine Hatcher

Staff Organiser

I live in lush North Dorset with my 2 awesome kids. Passionate about sociology, sustainability, music and gardening! (And puns) I love that arts, like comedy and music, are key ways to help tackle ideas and issues, and also alleviate the pressures from social problems that we see today; such as rising homelessness. So, I've loved being involved in Gimme Shelter; and love watching it grow and thrive.
“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn” (Emerson)


In charge of the internet computer

Dorset born and bred, guitarist in Komakino and The Urinal.
Only has one pair of shoes.
Eats food and drinks fluids but only when its appropriate/necessary .  
A good egg..

What we are all about

Here at Gimme Shelter we are committed to utilizing and maximising the talents, skills, abilities and time of everyone who volunteers or contributes to this charity – be it the bands themselves, the volunteers on the doors or the amazing people that are willing to host us on their land and provide the facilities to make sure our events go ahead. This is because we pride ourselves on being a local charity – YOUR local charity – where you know that your time and money do not go to waste; you are all part of the community and it is just as important to us that you feel pride in being a part of the Gimme Shelter Family as much as the money we make and the amazing support agencies we are honoured to give to. After all, without YOU this charity would not exist.

If you would like to volunteer, please email us here on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or message us on our Gimme Shelter Festival Facebook page; leave your name and contact details with a quick sentence about what you would like to do or even an interesting skill you think could benefit one of our events.